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Is it time you booked a refrigerated truck service? Unfortunately, most car, van or truck owners fail to have their air conditioner and refrigeration system serviced regularly. For most, their vehicle only receives attention when it fails. To avoid system failure, air conditioners should be serviced professionally each year. If you require a refrigerated van service, rely on the experts here at VIP Refrigerated Van and Truck Transport Dubai for quality workmanship and affordable pricing.

Refrigerated Truck

Having a lots of stuff to transport? To transport in ambient and required temperature? Get our chiller truck to carry out lot in a single go. 

Freezer Vehicle

Among our variety of services chose what suits you. Chose our chiller van services that suits most to transport the required stuff in controlled environment.


Chiller Van

For the goods that requires the nominal temperature for transportation to avoid the atmospheric heat? Get our chiller van with lot of space and perfect temperature control.

Reefer Service

Our cooler trucks are widely used for transporting perishable products at low temperature Along with this, we also offer freezer trucks with eutectic freezers that are widely used for the transportation of ice creams.

Call Pickup Rental

Right from small car derived vehicles to large heavy goods vehicles, we have a large fleet of rental refrigerated vehicles ensuring minimal tarmac exposure times and storage in protected, temperature-controlled surrounding.